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The problem we face is not in picking what is true but in balancing between two truths

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There is a difference between being shallow and being hollow

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Visionary Leader | Innovator | Coach | Author | Transformational Strategist

With over three decades of experience in international management, Dr. Alex Koh has proven himself as a visionary leader and innovator across Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. His unique ability to synthesize complex scenarios and address organizational and technological challenges has empowered numerous teams to achieve breakthrough performance, productivity, and profitability. Dr. Koh enjoys working cross-culturally and has successfully collaborated with local organizations in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Dr. Koh's rare combination of expertise in business, theology, and engineering positions him as a highly versatile coach and strategist with a unique perspective and transformative approach. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Manchester in the UK. His theological pursuits led him to obtain a Master of Arts degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also possesses a strong technical background, having earned a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor's of Engineering from the University of South Australia. Dr. Koh's accomplishments include a patent and multiple awards for technical excellence and customer support from renowned companies such as Freescale and Motorola. Currently serving as the Vice President of Strategy and Chief Information Officer at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Dr. Koh plays a pivotal role in driving critical strategic and technological aspects of the institution.

Blessed with children, Rachel and Timothy, Dr. Koh and his wife, Lois, enjoy ministering together and continue to lead lives devoted to Christ and inspiring others through their work.

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Finding Clarity in Chaos

A Novel About Group Decisions

in Business and Ministry

Let’s face it—life is messy.

Choices do not present themselves neatly packaged with simple answers, but are influenced by a myriad of interconnected values. As Christians, we often find ourselves wrestling with competing values in our hearts. We want to make the right decisions but struggle to balance what is best for ourselves, what is honoring to God, and what is loving to others. This tug-of-war brings about much of the stress we experience today.

Decision making in a group setting is even harder. How do you amplify the soft but important voices? How can your team navigate the conflicting pulls of equally legitimate demands?

The Magic Box follows four individuals—Clare, Vaughn, Pete, and Emma—as they attempt to make difficult decisions together. They are guided by Gideon, a mysterious figure who hands them each a magical box. Each box provides its owner with a series of intriguing riddles that inspires them to take a closer look at the inner struggles impacting their choices as part of the group. Exploring biblical principles, the troubled team uncovers how to scan, frame, and capture the possibilities that have been given to them as part of their quest.

This genre-defying book provides time-tested business tools to help teams make collective decisions especially when faced with diverging demands. However, unlike a traditional business book, these tools are thoughtfully placed in the context of an intriguing narrative, delving into the messiness of business, ministry, and life; thus giving the reader deep insights into the broader forces which influence our decisions.

Join Clare, Vaughn, Pete, and Emma as they wrestle with their weaknesses, and reach for their strengths, so that you can begin your own journey. Open The Magic Box and embark on your quest to discover the most suitable initiatives for your organization—through cooperation instead of contention.

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